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Pause contract

    • Can I pause my contract for a certain period of time?

      Yes, this is possible. There will be no costs for the period (basic prices), so that the process is handled, we ask you to contact our store at least 3 days before decommissioning. Attention: earliest possible 3 months after activation. Only possible in mobile sektor.

    • What do I do if I have to leave the country again?

      (Cancellation policy) important: please take your invoice with you, because the customer number on the invoice is needed for this process.

    • What is the network situation in Germany?
      • Unlimited Data
      • Unlimited calls to German Landlines
      • Mail & Cloud M 1 month free of charge


    • Where can I view my bill online?

      Normally you will receive the bill every month by e-mail, but you can also view the bill via the My Magenta APP.

    • I can't track my bill

      In that case you can fill out the contact form or contact one of our stores directly.

    • I no longer have a service although I have not cancelled it

      This can be due to several reasons, either your SIM card is defective or you have missed to pay an invoice. Contact one of our stores as soon as possible.