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Sapphire 3


For a fast, secure and seamless personal Wi-Fi connection in over 130 countries.


The Sapphire 3 portable hotspot builds on the strength and power of previous models to include new and improved features that allow you to get the most of your portable Wi-Fi.

With the Sapphire 3, you get an ultra-slim and lightweight hotspot with a 4G fast connection speed that is capable of sharing Wi-Fi with up to 10 devices. Pre-loaded with 4GB global data for instant Wi-Fi and a battery capable of holding a 12-hr charge, this hotspot will change the way you think about portable connectivity.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you can expect a streamlined, stable connection from TravelWiFi in 130 countries and counting. If you’re looking for advanced network stability, connection, and coverage, the Sapphire 3 hotspot is the right hotspot for you

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