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Protection Plan

  • Exchange Mobile Protection for smartphone, smartwatch & tablets
  • Only €13.99 per month
  • Coverage against theft and damages
  • Applies overseas as well as locally
  • Water damage coverage
  • We use original spare parts


A modern smartphone can quickly cost more than 600 Euros, as current models from iPhone , HTC One and Samsung Galaxy prove. It does not matter if they have a cheap cell phone contract.

Since these cell phones are highly sensitive high-end devices that are exposed to the dangers of daily use, irreparable damage from liquids, falls and theft can occur unexpectedly quickly.

If the worst comes to the worst and you don't want to pay the current purchase price for a new cell phone, you can rely on the support of cell phone insurance.

In the event of damage, this insurance will step in and cover part of the costs, depending on the protection plan and the age of the cell phone.